Painted Paper Rose-Tutorial

As discussed in my previous post Celebrate Life, this is the time of year where I remember my father.
Yellow roses are symbolic of his life. They were the flower he often gave to my mother for Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. We had a floral arrangement around his casket in which we pulled from and singularly used as our last physical good bye. For years we noticed single yellow roses growing in my mother’s garden. On tough days, like the anniversary of his death, I would often buy my mom yellow roses, and sign the card in my father's name. This year, I decided to craft my own lasting roses from computer paper. This was fitting since many of the memories I have of my dad involve computers and office supplies.  Anyway, here's how I did it.

Start with a single piece of plain white computer paper

Crumple it into a ball

Open up your paper and flatten it out

Fold in half and then fold in half again.

With scissors cut an oval shape 

Roll one of your cut ovals to form a center

Wrap petals one by one around the center. Bend shape and form the petals evenly. 

Use floral wire to wrap your base

Extend the wire past the base to form a stem. Using floral tape wrap the wire.

Mix acrylic paint of your liking and paint your flower being sure to cover all traces of white.

Let dry and stiffen.

Note: When applying the paint, the paper petals will become very fragile and may tear easily. Apply your paint carefully! You can paint the outermost petals separately before applying to the rose center but its best to shape and wrap them while wet.

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