My Husband's Garden Addiction

My husband Joe is wonderful. We met in college at a random party and have been best friends ever since. Our passion is planning, executing, and dreaming about DIY projects together.

This summer Joe has become obsessed with landscaping. Early in the summer, he realized that the Lowe’s near our home has a clearance section for annuals and perennials.  He was able to purchase some amazingly healthy plants for incredible prices.

So now, I have been harassing my dear husband by calling him an “addict.” Since he made this discovery, he’s been to Lowes nearly every day checking out what plants have been marked down and never coming home empty handed! There have been several days where he has made multiple trips (like today…he went four times!) He is hooked on the thrill of the find. This is, as you will learn if you actually care to follow my blog, more like me than him.  For the last several months the routine has been: baby goes down at 8 pm and Daddy is out in the yard by 8:01. He’ll stay out there most nights planting, digging, weeding, and watering until 11 or longer! ! I can’t seem to be out in the yard in the evening for longer than 20 minutes before I find myself covered in bug bites! And so, our yard… thanks to my fabulous husband …has never looked so good.

We found this great little house….excuse me “Cedar Chateau”  at Sam’s Club for under $300! It was a great find. Check out all the fun little details. I added some of my own custom touches like this sign. Come on…how cute is that?

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