Sewing Machine Gone Cold

I’m not the kind of person that has decorations for every holiday, or makes a habit of dressing the color of the occasion.  I do however love the idea of Halloween costumes and CAN NOT wait until my daughter is old enough to play dress up with me! There is something about being both a mother and crafter that makes me want to make outfits for my daughter. I suppose I have always wanted to have a baby girl to dress up in fun clothes like a doll. 

This was last Halloween...

Here’s the thing…I have yards and yards of fabric and seven sewing machines...well four that work (not including the Playschool one…that’s my daughter’s) and I have not sewn a mechanical stitch in a really long time. Between moving 6 times in eight years, loosing my father to cancer, starting a few businesses, and having a baby, I never seemed to be at the right state to make my sewing dreams reality.

Over the years I have managed to horde away an extensive amount of fabric, buttons, and other sewing materials. I have used the fabric in small projects, (like my lamp revamps) and other no-sew or minimal hand stitch projects like the owl in my daughter’s nursery. But, haven’t turned my machine on more than a handful of times since….well since I got it. It was the last birthday gift I received from my father before he passed. I needed it to replace the one I had been using for years that no longer worked very well.

Now though, I am ready. I have the workspace, I'm working on a rolling cutting table (details to come), my fabric is organized (sort of), and the inspirational sewing artwork is in place. Now, I just need to sew….

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