Once upon a bird's nest.....

This room, now staged and ready for a new family to make memories, was once a space where I felt the kicks, jabs, taps, and hiccups of my unborn child. In the corner (where the bed currently sits) I held my belly and rocked to the beat of the "Baby Mine" collection contemplating her arrival. Wondering who she... or he (we did not know at the time) would become. From those first moments we had as new parents trying to figure out what to do next, to Ella finding that she had the ability to make noise with her mouth as she cooed endlessly from the comfort of her crib, the memories of this space are vast and etched in our hearts for life. Now, the clutter and personal items have been removed and the walls have been dressed. This space ready for the memories of a new family.

Here is a peak at what it once looked like...

The red fabric horse was a gift from Artique. I made the owl out of felt, buttons, and my coveted 3 yards of Amy Butler Fabric while on a long car ride. There is a baby owl as well, hanging behind the chair...not the best pictures...sorry!

Before: Pictures I took of my daughter Ella at 3 weeks old.  
After: Vintage bird prints purchased at Artique for under $5 each, paired with white-washed Dollar store frames.

1) Revamped lamp, bedspread from another part of the house, hand-me-down night stand, and a copy of Charlotte's web from my childhood.

2) Gorgeous crewel stitched pillow I picked up at a local Flea Market. The blanket was a baby gift from a friend of the family.

3) Bird's nest made from broken milk glass lamp shade and cardboard eggs.

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