I am starting this blog because....

I am fascinated by the world of blogging and the amazing potential it has to inspire incredible ideas. In no other time in history was there the potential to reach and connect with like-minded individuals in such a massive way….or at least not that I know of. That’s like having the potential to brainstorm an idea with the whole world! I must say… we do have the capability of crafting one hell of a space with that much brain power….a global challenge perhaps? 

This idea of joining forces to achieve a like-minded goal began for me in September of 2009, with my involvement in Artique Co-op. Our like-minded goal: to sell crafts and other merchandise in a retail environment. Over 100 vendors share the responsibility of operating the store, which makes nasty things like overhead significantly more manageable. The economy is down, yes, but our will to sell the things we love (art, crafts, antiques, collectibles, and gifts) is stronger than ever! Because of my connection to these amazing people, I have learned so much about myself, life, and crafting. 

I have always had an undying love for design and visual symmetry. Somehow it seems that no matter what circumstances arise in my life I'll always be drawn to design as an outlet for dealing with stress, anxiety, joy, love...the gamut of emotions really. My true passion is finding a way to construct something useful and visually appealing from the once discarded.  In one of my spaces at Artique (Refocused Salvage Designs), I sell eco-friendly d├ęcor and accessories made with recycled, reused, and natural materials. In addition to the handcrafted items, the shop features Maggie Bags… a really fun line of handbags and accessories fashioned from factory-rejected seat belts.  I am obsessed with the wine tote in the color Autumn. It’s perfect for carrying my daughter’s toys, diapers, food, or whatever else.

I see this blog as a sounding board for inspiration. Although I hope it will serve as a platform for my opinions and ideas, I in no way claim to know more than anyone. I’d say that I am sort of a wide-range designer, as my background is in media, graphic design, video production, interior design, and retail merchandising. I draw on everything around me for inspiration and just love the idea of an open forum. I am always open to opposing ideas or thoughts, as I feel we all have a necessary role in making our mark. Tell me about your inspirations and opinions and I will post them for the community. My hope is that a lot of really positive ideas will become inspired by this group interaction. Let’s help each other do the things we love in a better more fulfilling way!

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