All hail the power of Baking Soda!

I have been obsessed with baking soda and all it's many uses for sometime now. My husband has joked about getting me an "I heart baking soda" t-shirt. If he ever actually did...I swear I would wear it! Arm & Hammer has not paid me a dime.... I am just floored by how many uses there are for baking soda. From skin care to toilet cleaning, baking soda is my bff - helping me avoid the costly toxic alternatives! My love affair for the powder started when it dawned on me that I could use it for cleaning the bathroom instead of the pile of sprays and liquids that had my head reeling from the fumes.

Helpful Uses for the Wonder Powder
  • Mix with water to form a paste to clean teeth
  • Clean counter tops, toilets, tubs and dishes
  • Take the itch from pesky bug bites
  • Clean silver
  • Remove mildew from showers and outdoor furniture
  • Remove stains and scuff marks from fabrics and other materials
  • Remove burnt food residue from pots and pans
  • Cut back on the "wet dog smell" after your dog's bath (sprinkle on and brush off)
  • Clean your child's toys safely
  • Add it to your diaper pale between smelly poops or sprinkle in the bottom of your regular trash can before adding a new bag. 
  • Add to your shampoo for fuller more manageable hair
  • Exfoliate your skin

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